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At NZ Money Lenders, we sell “Freedom”

Freedom means different things to different people;

To some, freedom may mean changing their debt structure so they no longer have to live pay-check to pay-check.

To others, freedom may mean taking high interest debt NZ Money Lenders - Adrian & Claire Goodand putting it into a lower interest loan, saving them money.

Some people will consider freedom be able to pay all their debts off and put money aside to live their lives without having to rely on borrowed funds.

Saving for their first house will be a goal that will set some people free from having a landlord.

Freedom could be upgrading your unreliable costly vehicle to one that will always get you where you want to go.

NZ Money Lenders can connect customers to a variety of different lenders, each offering different rates, terms and financing options.

At NZ Money Lenders, we match each applicant’s individual circumstances to the lender that will tailor the most cost effective solution for them.

The creators of NZ Money Lenders, Adrian & Claire Good, have over 15 year combined experience in the finance industry. The knowledge and compassion for people they have gathered during their time in the industry, gives them the tools to provide you with freedom, what-ever your definition.


NZ Money Lenders

“Where freedom can be achieved”


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